Have you found Twitter and LinkedIn useful for business?


I’m intrigued to know how many individuals have found Twitter and LinkedIn useful for business. I asked this question a few months ago on a LinkedIn group that I am a member of. It was interesting to see what responses people had. I asked the question as I wanted to hear more about other people’s personal experiences, so when I help people set up their own accounts I have other examples apart from my own experiences.

From asking the question and looking through similar questions on other LinkedIn groups many people indicated that simply having a presence on LinkedIn and Twitter, and engaging in the social communities resulted in enquiries.  I have found the same results personally and professionally.

When I worked for a membership association I was often personally contacted on LinkedIn for more information about the association. In that position I implemented a twitter account which also resulted in people contacting us. Being a membership association, businesses would often seek us out and contact us, but we also found by engaging and interacting in different forums we helped to put our name out there, gain more credibility and show what we were all about.

Recently I found Twitter personally helpful as I was looking for a designer to create me some personal business cards. Being relatively new in London I hadn’t yet met anyone who was quite right or knew enough people to be able to recommend someone, so I turned to Twitter for help. My tweet was quickly followed up by a person who suggested I try @Jilly_Pepper. Interestingly as soon as one person recommended her I realised that we had several Twitter friends in common and ones that I trusted and had engaged with on twitter who could back up the tweet recommendation. The designs she created were great and I am excited to receive my business cards in the next couple of days.

I am still interested to hear about other people’s experiences as it is interesting to see what has worked for different people and businesses – so please do share.