Facebook launches its own App Centre


Facebook has started rolling out its own App Centre to US members.

Updates on when it will be available in other countries will be announced in the next few weeks. Unlike Apple who takes a cut out of each app available to their users, Facebook will not take a cut but will direct you to where the app is available. There are a range of Apps available and you can choose between web and mobile Apps. The success of the Apps will be based on the quality of the App and users feedback.

For more information on the App centre have a look at the Facebook developers blog.

You may also be interested in Facebook’s update letting you manage your Facebook admin users.


Latest Facebook changes – managing admin users


You can finally manage your Facebook admin users

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

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You can allocate 5 different types of admin users to your page. This is great news as before any of your admin users could easily delete the other users and there was nothing that you could do about it. This was especially more of a concern if you were using an external agency to manage your Facebook adverts.

Manager Content Creator Moderator Advertiser Insights Analyst
Manage all your administrators and their roles
Edit your Page and can add Applications
Create Posts as the Page/Company
Respond and delete comments on the page
Send out messages as the Page/Company
Create Facebook Adverts
View insights/analytics

You can view more information at Facebook’s help centre.

Another update Facebook has made is that you can now schedule posts when posting directly on Facebook. This is done by clicking on the bottom left of the post where there is a little clock button. Find out more about scheduling posts.