Custom made Social Media Monitoring Centers

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Today I read a great article by John Lai (Social Media NZ) about Dell. Dell is the second company who has decided to create their own Social Media Command Centre and are using Radian6 to help them build a custom monitoring tool. The first company to do this was Gatorade and you can read a bit about their command centre in a blog by Adam Ostrow on Mashable.

John puts the question whether companies need to build their own command centres – I think that now we will only see big companies like Dell doing this. However, as monitoring social media becomes more the norm and part of everyday business it might also become the norm to build your own command centre. Although the biggest hurdle for most businesses will be getting the right resource to support a command centre and for small businesses, unless they see the benefit it might just not happen.

I believe Dell is smart in creating their own Social Media Command Centre, as they have the money and resource to do it well. They will easily benefit from having their own Social Media Command Centre if they have the right platform to help them respond to what their customers are saying.

It will be interesting to see how Radian6 design and build Dell’s custom monitoring centre and how efficient it is. Down the track, I would like to see if they share with the social media world how their monitoring tool works and the possible successes they do or don’t have with it.

Like John Lai I also wonder if this is the start of all companies creating their own social monitoring tools.