Latest on Skype – Conversations Ads


Skype has had the great idea to include ‘Conversations Ads’ during calls (non-video).

Skype is using an interesting marketing approach to try to get users buy in by announcing their adverts as a great way to give users conversation ideas/icebreakers. As I’m sure you will all agree that this is ridiculous as who wants ads to appear while they are having a phone call. There are already a few amusing blogs sites ridiculing the idea such as London Calling who ask whether ‘Is this just the dumbest thing ever?’. Then on the other side Time Techland point out that the ads wont be obtrusive as they wont have sound and will be small, but I think they are kidding themselves as I’m sure that’s just the starting point.

I guess the biggest point is that most of us don’t pay to use Skype, so we can’t really complain much. I’m actually surprised that it’s only now being thought of, and that Skype didn’t implement something similar a long time ago and before Microsoft bought them last year.

View Skype’s Advertising Update.

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