About Livvy Marketing


All about me!


Hi I’m Livvy,

I’m a marketing professional from New Zealand – Kiwi land! I have worked in marketing for many industries such as film and arts festivals, recruitment, travel, publishing, motoring, membership association, financial sector, property and magazines. Through these roles I have gained broad experience and understanding of all areas of marketing in particular digital marketing, customer experience and business to business relationship management.

I love networking and discussing the latest in social media, so if you want to get in touch you can contact me here by filling out the form or send me a tweet on twitter.

If you are after some resources and useful links check out my delicious account.

As well as blogging about marketing I’m a kiwi who loves travelling, exploring the unknown and most importantly enjoying all of life’s adventures. Feel free to check out my other blog called it’s all about life’s adventures where I like to talk and share photographs about life, work, travel and play.

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